About DEUS Rescue

Vertical Rescue EquipmentDEUS Rescue has become the ultimate resource for innovative descent solutions for rescue, safety and more for people who work and play at height.

By combining our technical expertise with innovative technology and world-class support, DEUS is taking descent to new heights.

Setting a New Standard in Innovation

At the heart of DEUS solutions are our innovative controlled descent devices. Built around DEUS SafeDescent Technology, DEUS controlled descent devices are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We add to this a range of quality - and often groundbreaking - gear, including harnesses, ropesrigging and anchoring equipment and more, all designed to meet every requirement, manufactured to the highest levels of quality, and certified to the latest safety standards.

The result? Unique, practical solutions that are simple to use, economical over the long haul, meet or exceed industry standards and stand up to tough environments. This includes easy-to-deploy, complete kits, built around our highly engineered and highly differentiated controlled descent devices.

Who We Are: Experts at Meeting Your Needs

DEUS Rescue combines expertise in engineering, manufacturing and design with a passion for solving problems.

We are engineers, manufacturers, safety professionals, firefighters and mountaineers, working together to earn your trust every day. We have hands-on experience with a variety of rescue equipment and techniques.

We understand the specialized needs and environments of the professional markets we serve. And, we work hard to meet those needs with innovative products that go beyond standard, literally.

From Concept to Execution: a Brief History

DEUS Rescue began as an idea - a recognition of the need for new bailout and rescue technology to help firefighters escape danger quickly, easily and safely.

To understand and best meet this need, DEUS worked with professional firefighters from New Yorks FDNY Rescue 1. These professionals provided clear direction that guided the development of DEUS controlled descent devices.

DEUS engineers then invited experts from various fields to participate in the continuing design process, in order to assure that their solutions would work optimally for their different environments. All contributed to a deeper understanding of each market where DEUS Rescue solutions would be used.

Innovation in Controlled Descent

Combining DEUS expertise with the input of industry professionals resulted in a whole new breed of vertical rescue technology unlike anything on the market. DEUS currently offers two lines of controlled descent systems based on this technology:

  • DEUS 3000 Series compact, easy-to-use and super safe devices with hands-free operation for individual escape, self-rescue and assisted rescue.
  • DEUS 7000 Series larger systems with automatic operation, built for continuous or repetitive use over longer vertical distances.

A Total Approach to Escape, Rescue and Work

To fully meet the needs of professional markets, DEUS went beyond the core controlled descent technology to develop complete solutions for escape, rescue, work, training and recreation. DEUS sources the very best in accessories and other gear, often modifying existing products or creating entirely new designs to better meet the need.

Today, DEUS offers an array of individual products as well as complete kits, coupled with expert training and technical support.

How can we help you? DEUS Rescue will work with you to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be, wherever you are. Just let us know.