Certified Maintenance

Inspection, maintenance and repair of DEUS products may only be performed by DEUS-certified Maintenance Technicians Service is available in these ways:

  1. Products can be returned to DEUS Rescue with a return authorization number and maintenance will be performed by a factory technician and billed at factory rates.
  2. DEUS Rescue will send a factory technician to your site to perform DEUS-certified Maintenance at factory rates plus travel expense.
  3. You can contract with a third-party DEUS-certified Maintenance Technician to perform maintenance (check with DEUS Rescue for a list of DEUS-certified Maintenance Technicians).
  4. Your technician can complete a DEUS-certified Maintenance Technician Training Program so you have the ability to perform qualified maintenance yourself.

When DEUS-certified Maintenance is performed, it must be registered with DEUS Rescue using forms provided by DEUS Rescue, and is not complete until the completed documents are received by DEUS Rescue.

Escape and rescue equipment is subject to excessive use and abuse that will cause wear and damage that is not covered by warranty. DEUS Rescue will inspect worn and cosmetically damaged products for a nominal fee to determine that they are still suitable for safe use. DEUS Rescue will also, for a fee, maintain and repair worn or damaged products. Non-warranty repairs will be quoted before starting work.