Use and Responsibility

It is the employer's and user's responsibility to obtain proper training on the use of all DEUS equipment and proper training on rigging, controlled-descent, fall-protection, work-at-height, escape, evacuation and rescue procedures. People using DEUS equipment shall work in accordance with the most current version of all applicable industry and governmental standards.


The person doing the rigging of DEUS equipment and determining the method of use of the equipment accepts full responsibility for rigging and use.


Any person using DEUS Rescue products in any manner assumes all risk and accepts full responsibility for any damage or injury, including death. If you are not able or in position to accept this responsibility or take this risk, do not use DEUS equipment. If you have doubts about the condition of DEUS gear or other components of the system with which it is used, do not use the gear.


Climbing, working at height, suspension from rope, rescue, escape and evacuation are inherently dangerous acts. Injury is possible even if everything is done correctly. DEUS Rescue expressly rejects any and all responsibility or liability for injury during any of these activities. If you do not accept these conditions, do not purchase or use DEUS products or kits.


Modifications and Alterations


Modification, alteration, addition or repair not done according to documented DEUS procedures of DEUS equipment or equipment supplied by DEUS Rescue is at your own risk.