Certified Trainers

Quality Training from Quality Partners

DEUS kits and products are designed to be easy to use under nearly any circumstance. But all life safety equipment requires regular and consistent training for its effective use. And, DEUS understands that the better your training, the better your chances of surviving and saving others during an emergency.

That's why we have developed our products with training in mind, and developed a training program that is complete yet flexible. That's also why we have partnered with best-in-class training organizations who can give you the training you and your staff need.

Designed for Better Training

DEUS takes your training needs seriously. We know that training is not a "one and done" proposition. You need to train regularly to ensure the steps for rigging and using our kits and products are completely automatic, even under duress.

That's why we build our products to ensure ongoing and repetitive training is easy, practical and effective:

  • All DEUS systems are designed for repeated training and emergency use. Replacing the ropes is easy, so you can keep ropes dedicated for training and for emergency, which keeps training affordable too.
  • The DEUS 7300 provides reliable, safe and completely automatic back-up belay making training both safe and realistic.

A Training Program that Makes Sense

DEUS Rescue has worked with our training partners to develop a full and flexible training program. Our network of Certified Instructors can train your people, or provide your training staff with the skills and tools to do the training.

The entire training program is modular, so you can get the specific training you want. Learn the basics, or get extensive training on more advanced techniques.

Partners in Your Success

When you invest in DEUS equipment, you know you are getting more than just quality products. You also get access to some of the best training resources in the industry. Our network of Certified Instructors is comprised of the very best in the business - organizations and individuals with both the technical skills and the teaching skills to ensure that you and your people are in good hands...and completely prepared to use DEUS products properly and effectively.

Following is a list of U.S. training resources currently contracted with DEUS to provide your initial training and re-certification, organized by industry.


Fire Service:

Burdick Training  CCB, Inc.
Westbrook, ME
Contact: Bob Burdick
(207) 887-3232

Capital Tech Rescue
Albany, NY
Contact: Steve Disick
(518) 857-5701

Center for Emergency Preparedness
Owens Community College
Toledo, OH
(567) 661-2411

Crimson Effect
Denver, CO
Contact: Justin Overholt
(720) 690-4121

Fire Operations Group (FOG)
Freeport, NY
Contact: Paul Hashagen
(516) 659-6492

Recreation Market:

Blue Ridge Learning Centers
Todd, NC
Contact: Carson Rivers
(828) 265-0602

Industrial Markets:

AHS Rescue
Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Dale Stewart
(602) 944-7723

Burdick Training  CCB, Inc.
Westbrook, ME
Contact: Bob Burdick
(207) 887-3232

Capital Tech Rescue
Albany, NY
Contact: Steve Disick
(518) 857-5701

Houston, TX
Contact: Lori Powell
(800) 775-0678

Crimson Effect
Denver, CO
Contact: Justin Overholt
(720) 690-4121

ENSA North America, Inc.
Longview, WA
Contact: Rob Siegel
(800) 525-7233

Gravitec Systems, Inc.
Poulsbo, WA
Contact: Shane Morrison
(800) 755-8455

Hy-Safe Technology
Union Grove, WI
Contact: Frank Anzaldi
(800) 642-0775

Impact Access
Alexandria, VA
Contact: Hugh Biggle
(703) 822-7780

JS Training Consultants
Ft. Collins, CO
Contact: Jim Stewart
(303) 880-7035

PO Box 483
Garner NC 27529
Contact: David Pease
(919) 772-0483

Safety Connection, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA
Contact: Clint Honeycutt
(800) 480-3521

Safety Solutions, Inc.
Dublin, OH
(614) 799-6722

Technical Rescue Systems 
Fort Collins, CO
Contact: Steve Fleming
(877) 561-1291

Total Safety
Dickinson, ND 
Contact: Adam Shanle
(701) 843-1527




Warszawa Zachd, Poland
Contact: Kalinska Katarzyna
+48 (0)22 721 03 66


Amel Tecnica Industrial S.L.
Sabadell, Spain
Contact: Xavier Comas Feliu
+34 93 716 24 24

Contact: Jean Kerres
+31 (0) 320 28 02 01

Bettola-Zeloforamagno MI, Italy
Contact: Marco Maneddu
+39 02 55300732

PT Surya Sarana Dinamika
Jakarta, Indonesia
Contact: Fajar Suryawan
(62 21) 6583 5077 - 7

The Response Group
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Contact: Dave McCashin / Lorna Price
(780) 439-6440

Special Rescue
Contact: Axel Manz
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Teedo Safety
Beijing, China
Contact: Jason Xie
+86 10 8476 3742

Bnei Zion, Israel
Contact: Daniel Attar
972 97440730


Everope Ltd.
Moscow, Russia
Contact: Sergey Reznikov
+7 495 776-68-94?


Adventure Playground
San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact: Victor Gallo
(506) 838-9724

Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Contact: Hannes Mayer
+49 7562 981 194

Exponent Challenge Technology Asia
Contact: Jeffrey Chua