DEUS Ropes, Kits and Accessories


What accessories are needed to use a DEUS controlled descent device?

DEUS devices are supplied in a variety of flexible configurations to meet different needs. Complete DEUS Kits are available including everything necessary to make DEUS controlled descent devices ready to carry, rig and deploy. Individual accessories are also available to create your own kits or to add to your existing kit.

What kind of rope can I use with DEUS controlled descent devices?

DEUS controlled descent devices use DEUS ropes and only DEUS ropes. These ropes are specially designed and constructed with the correct coefficient of friction, bending stiffness, compressibility, and other characteristics to work with the various braking systems in DEUS devices. Use of any other rope can lead to injury or death and will void your warranty. See specifications of your particular system for the proper rope dimension required.

DEUS offers a variety of ropes designed for different purposes and for use in different devices. DEUS 3000 Series devices use 7.5 mm or 8 mm ropes, depending on model. DEUS 7000 Series devices use 12 mm ropes. Our ropes are technical and constructed of Technora, Vectran, Kevlar or other high-tech fibers for superior strength, better handling, and to improve fire, cut and chemical-resistance, and resistance to ultraviolet degradation.

DEUS Rescue also continues to develop new special-purpose ropes to meet our customers' needs. Contact us for more information.

What length rope can be used with DEUS controlled descent devices?

All DEUS rope is available in custom lengths. When you order a DEUS kit, you can select from different available rope options, specify your desired length, and order additional lengths of ropes. Ropes offered with a given kit are matched to the specifications of the device used with the kit, and to the particular applications of the kit.

Contact us for more information or to purchase DEUS ropes.

What are DEUS kits?

DEUS kits are packages, including or for use with our controlled descent devices. Using DEUS descent systems properly for different applications requires a variety of connectors and other gear. DEUS has determined exactly what is needed to use DEUS devices for different types of work, rescue or training.

Can't I just make up my own kits to work with DEUS descent devices?

DEUS controlled descent devices are designed to work only with DEUS ropes. While there are many tools available for rigging DEUS devices, or to work with them in certain applications, there are no substitutes for DEUS ropes.

In addition, DEUS has sourced many best-in-class products to include in the kits we offer. We worked closely with manufacturers to ensure superior quality and to meet certain requirements. In some cases, we have even developed entirely new products. We have also put considerable effort into packaging. This ensures DEUS systems are protected, accessible and easy to deploy, rig and use when they are needed.

Can I purchase other gear and accessories from DEUS Rescue?

Kit components, including ropes, carabiners and other connectors, etc., are also available separately, for parts replacement or when additional quantities are desired. Everything we sell is available here in our online store, or contact DEUS Rescue for more information.

What harness should I use with a DEUS controlled descent device?

DEUS controlled descent devices are designed to use with any properly rated harness system, so you can continue to wear the harness with which you are most comfortable. DEUS also offers some harnesses for purchase.

Is there a specific anchor I should use with DEUS controlled descent device?

No, DEUS systems can connect to any anchor with a carabiner or similar attachment.

The DEUS Quik-Set Anchor is a new concept in engineered anchors from DEUS Rescue. It is sold as a kit that includes a pair of identical anchors, pre-rigged and ready to use. Set it up in seconds, even with one hand. The length is adjustable and it requires no knot tying or edge protection. The result is a secure anchor just where you need it. It's NFPA certified and built firefighter tough.

The Quik-Set Anchor includes the DEUS ROW (Rope-Over-Wire), an innovative anchor lanyard designed for use with DEUS systems. It provides the flexibility of rope with the durability of steel cable. It is available in a variety of lengths and strengths.