DEUS System Operation


Which DEUS controlled descent device is right for me?

DEUS Rescue offers two series of controlled descent devices - DEUS 3000 Series and DEUS 7000 Series. Although all DEUS systems may be used in almost any environment, each is designed to meet the specific needs of particular professional markets.

The DEUS 3000 Series represents systems designed for individual, personal use in professional markets, for bailout, escape, rescue, work and more.

  • The DEUS 3100 is designed for firefighters. The 3100 is NFPA-certified for 100 ft. maximum descent height and 3 meters/second maximum descent speed.
  • The DEUS 3200 is designed for Law Enforcement and for the military. It is NFPA-certified for 200 ft. maximum descent height and 3 meters/second maximum descent speed.
  • The DEUS 3300 is designed for people who climb and work on wind, telecommunications or utility towers. The 3300 is NFPA-certified for 330 ft. (100 m) maximum descent height and 3 meters/second maximum descent speed.
  • The DEUS 3700 is designed for industrial applications including use on platforms, towers, rigs, tower cranes and more. It is certified to EN 341 and ANSI Z359 standards for 500 ft. (152 m) maximum descent height and 2 meters/second maximum descent speed.

The DEUS 7000 Series includes heavier systems with automatic control for a variety of continuous and/or repetitive use situations. All are certified to the NFPA 1983 "General Use" standard for descents up to 1000 ft (300 m). Maximum load is 310 lbs (140 kg).

  • The DEUS 7300 is a safe, easy and automatic back-up to your primary system during training, escape, rescue, evacuation, work positioning, travel restraint and edge restraint.
  • The DEUS 7500 provides a superior belay system for use on challenge course high elements. It's automatic, safe and quick to re-connect. It also provides the foundation of thrilling and safe high element activities.

Will DEUS devices work when they get wet?

Yes. The centrifugal and disk-actuated drum brakes in DEUS controlled descent devices are O-ring sealed to keep water out. DEUS systems are thoroughly tested in wet, hot and dirty conditions.

However, like any piece of emergency equipment, DEUS systems should be cleaned and dried after use in wet, dirty conditions. Rope that has been subjected to high temperatures or abuse should be retired and cut into one-foot lengths so it cannot be reused. And, DEUS devices should be stored in clean, dry places. Bags included with DEUS kits should be used to protect the equipment.

Should your DEUS system or other gear be exposed for long periods to water and/or other contaminants, read our blog post or download the Technical Bulletin to learn more about what steps you can take to ensure that your equipment remains in safe, working condition.

How many people can be rescued using DEUS controlled decent devices?

The number varies by system. DEUS 3000 Series and 7000 Series devices are designed to rescue one person at a time. Doing this, the total number of people who can be rescued is limited only by time and the availability of harnesses. DEUS systems are unique because rope runs through them in both directions, and the internal brake engages in both directions. When one person reaches the bottom and is disconnected, attach the next person to the other end of the rope running through the DEUS device. Using this method, a room full of people can be rescued using a single descent device.

Because DEUS devices operate hands-free, rescue personnel can prepare the next person to be rescued while the previous person is descending.

How can DEUS controlled decent devices be both "hands-free" and "manual"?

DEUS 3000 Series systems are each equipped with an adjustable disk-actuated drum brake and a centrifugal brake. The disk-actuated drum brake can be set to "stop" by turning the control knob to the "stop" position on the dial. Turning the control knob toward the "go" position increases descent speed to the limit allowed by the centrifugal brake. Descent is "hands-free" because once the control knob is set to any speed between "stop" and "go," it does not have to be held. Descent is manual because the control knob and descent speed are completely adjustable during descent. Finally, even with the control knob turned all the way to "go," descent speed can still be manually controlled between zero and the maximum speed of the system by holding and pulling the free end of the rope over the manual brake.

DEUS 7000 Series systems are automatic, meaning there is no manual control. The system does all of the work, allowing the user to do other things, such as training. That is why the systems are ideal for backup belay or for rescue of others, where technical skill of the user may vary.

Can DEUS descent devices be manually operated with heavy gloves?

DEUS 3000 Series controlled decent devices can be used with wet, heavy gloves and cold hands. The DEUS devices have been thoroughly tested through development by firefighters and workers in other industries wearing their regular work gloves in a variety of conditions. 

Can DEUS controlled descent devices be used for training?

Yes. DEUS devices are built tough and durable for repetitive use, and they make training fun. Because rope can be easily replaced in a DEUS system in a matter of seconds, repetitive training is affordable. Simply dedicate particular DEUS rope for training use.

Do I need to be trained to use DEUS controlled descent devices?

Yes. All rescue equipment requires regular training for its proper use during emergency situations, and DEUS controlled decent devices are no exception. The systems are designed for affordable, repetitive training. This can help to ensure that more basic maneuvers - simple rescue, bailout and escape - are executed properly under pressure and in extreme conditions. More advanced training is also available to support more advanced techniques with DEUS systems, such as confined space rescue, lift-and-lower rescue, etc.

DEUS Rescue offers a network of Certified Instructors. DEUS Certified Instructors can train all users of the DEUS systems, or they can train your trainers to, in turn, train your staff. Contact us for more information on our available training.

Is the DEUS system just used for bailout or escape?

DEUS controlled decent devices are complete rescue systems that support a variety of situations beyond escape and bailout. Plus, DEUS offers complete kits, providing additional gear needed to rig and use DEUS controlled decent devices for many applications.

Use DEUS controlled descent devices for escape, self-rescue, assisted rescue, rapid sequential rescues, confined space rescues, lift-and-lower rescues, over-the-edge rescues, cross hauling, and long-lifts. DEUS systems can even be used for work positioning and travel restraint.

Note that some rescue maneuvers and system rigging may require more advanced training.