Financing with the DEUS Municipal Leasing Program

DUES FinancingFire departments are eligible to finance all or part of their DEUS equipment purchases. This lets you own the equipment today, and pay for it later.

Making Firefighter Safety an Affordable Option

You know that supplying your departments firefighters with the DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit or other equipment can mean lives are saved and injuries avoided. With the DEUS Rescue Municipal Leasing Program, providing firefighters with these advanced bailout and rescue solutions is now within reach.

A municipal lease means your department owns the equipment, but smaller payments are spread over multiple budget years. You get the very best that money can buy, and your budget goes a lot further. The DEUS Rescue Municipal Lease is:

  • Complete Finance 100% of your purchase with no money down. The program covers DEUS controlled descent devices, rope and accessories...everything.
  • Affordable A municipal lease is a tax-exempt lease-to-own contract. Every payment goes towards ownership. DEUS Rescue offers affordable rates with no additional fees.
  • Flexible Finance terms are available for 2 years up to 5 years. Choose a lower rate, or a lower payment. Payments can be monthly, quarterly, or once a year. It is truly your choice.

Consider an equipment purchase of $200,000. Financing 100% through a tax-exempt lease purchase could result in the following arrangement (terms subject to credit approval):

  • 5 year term - 60 monthly payments of $3,701.38 at 4.20%;
  • Pay only $44,412.00 in each of the five years.

Let DEUS Structure a Municipal Lease for You

Don't let your department budget stand in the way of keeping your firefighters safe. Let DEUS Rescue structure a municipal lease that meets your particular requirements.

Want to know more? Just let us know.