DEUS Product Literature

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DEUS Product Catalog 2016


General Information

DEUS 3000 Series Brochure

DEUS Safety and Reliability

What Makes the DEUS 3100 the Best System

Investing in Bailout (White Paper)

Self Rescue is Essential (White Paper)

3000 Series Versatility

Comments from Firefighters

DEUS Challenge Course Elements


Controlled Descent Devices

DEUS 3100 for Fire Professionals

DEUS 3200 for Law Enforcement

DEUS 3300 for Tower Professionals

DEUS 3700 for Industrial Safety

DEUS 7300 for Back-Up Belay

DEUS 7500 for Challenge Course Belay



DEUS X Class Rescue Harnesses

DEUS Agility A10 Construction Harness

DEUS Agility A20 Tower & Climbing Harness

DEUS Agility A50 Technical Rescue Harness



DEUS V-Steel Anchorage Connectors

DEUS ROW (Rope-Over-Wire) Anchorage Connectors

DEUS Edge Pro

DEUS Step-Up


DEUS Pro-Tech Rescue Stretcher