DEUS Rescue Videos

commercialIntroducing the DEUS Vertical Rescue System
DEUS Vertical Rescue Systems deliver superior controlled descent for bailout, escape and rescue for individual use, automatic backup belay and mass evacuation.



bailoutVideoDEUS 3100 for Fire Professionals Bailout (Instructional)
The DEUS 3100 is designed for firefighters, and is the ideal tool for safe, reliable hands-free bailout. Carry the system pre-rigged and in the "go" position.



rapidEvacDEUS 3100 for Fire Professionals Rapid Evacuation
Rigging the DEUS system in "rescue" mode allows for simple and safe evacuation of multiple people, one at a time, without re-rigging. Evacuate three people from a fourth floor in less than one minute.



seqBailoutDEUS 3100 for Fire Professionals Sequential Bailout
The DEUS system can simply and safely evacuate three people from a fourth floor in less than one minute. The procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary.



windowPickDEUS 3100 for Fire Professionals Window Pick
DEUS Vertical Rescue Systems allow a rescuer to perform a variety of assisted rescues. This video shows how the device can be easily and safely rigged for Window Picking.



Tower Pro video thumbDEUS 3300 for Tower Professionals
The DEUS 3300 is an engineering marvel of safety, simplicity and reliability for single-person emergency escape and rescue.



DEUS 7000 series video thumb DEUS 7000 Series
Larger, beefier systems providing automatic controlled descent.



3100 pov video thumbDEUS 3100 POV Descent
From any point of view, the DEUS 3100 is the best, providing hands-free descent for superior firefighter bailout or rescue.



Fully Automatic Belay video thumb Fully-Automatic Safety Belay System
Like "Big Brother," the DEUS 7300 is always watching over you. The 7300 is a fully-automatic safety belay system.



3100 Bailout  Rescue video thumb 3100 For Bailout & Rescue
The DEUS 3100 controlled descent device is the ideal bailout and rescue descender. It's so simple to use - almost anyone can use it.



Hands Free Bailout video thumbHands Free Descent
Only the DEUS 3100 controlled descent device operates completely HANDS FREE, both stop and go. That makes it the ideal tool for firefighter  bailout and rescue.



3100 Firefigher Pick-off video thumb3100 Provides Firefighter Pick-off Rescue
Use the DEUS 3100 descender for more than bailout. With the addition of a pulley, and setting the device in rescue mode, the 3100 can be used to pick-off an injured firefighter or civilian.



3100 Stokes Basket Rescue video thumbDEUS 3100 Stokes Basket Rescue
Use the DEUS 3100 for more than bailout. By rigging the 3100 and DEUS 7.5 mm rope in "rescue mode", you can lower an injured civilian or firefighter in a stokes basket, simply, safely and quickly.



DEUS Prodcut Tech video thumbDEUS Product Technology
DEUS Rescue offers unique, highly engineered solutions for firefighter safety and rescue, built around descent technology that sets a whole new standard for innovation, design and ease-of-use.



DEUS Rescue Demos

3000 Series Threading Rope3000 Series Threading Rope
See how to install rope into the 3M and DEUS 3000 series controlled descent device.



7300 Device Escape7300 Device Escape
See how the 3M and DEUS 7300 can be used as a back-up belay or a primary escape system.



3000 Series Braking System3000 Series Braking System
Shows the four independent braking systems of the 3M and DEUS 3000 series controlled descent devices.



7300 Device Threading Rope7300 Device Threading Rope
How to install rope into the 3M and DEUS 7300 controlled descent device for back-up belay.



Anchoring 7300 DeviceAnchoring 7300 Device
Two ways to rig the 3M and DEUS 7300 Controlled Descent Device to an anchor.



Assisted Rescue with Prusik LoopAssisted Rescue with Prusik Loop
This video demonstrates assisted rescue with Prusik Loop using a 3M and DEUS 3700 Controlled Descent Device.



Assisted Rescue with Rescue PoleAssisted Rescue with Rescue Pole
This video demonstrates assisted rescue with a rescue pole using a 3M and DEUS 3700 Controlled Descent Device.



Edge ProtectorEdge Protector
In this video we will demonstrate how the 3M and DEUS Edge Pro Deluxe Edge Protector works.



Inspecting 7300 DeviceInspecting 7300 Device
How to perform an inspection of the 3M and DEUS 7300 controlled descent device, rope, and connector.



Multi Person EscapeMulti Person Escape
This video is a demonstration of a multi-person escape with a pre-rigged 3M and DEUS Escape Rescue Kit with a 3000 Series device.



Pick Off RescuePick Off Rescue
How to perform a pick-off rescue utlizing the 3M and DEUS 3700 controlled descent device as a back-up belay and RTU for rescuing the fallen person.



Rope PackingRope Packing
In this video, we demonstrate how to properly pack rope into a rope bag. It is important to pack rope appropriately, to ensure that the rope does not have knots or twists while using later.



ROW Anchorage ConnectorROW Anchorage Connector
Demonstration of the three ways to attach the 3M and DEUS Rope-Over-Wire to an anchor.



RTU DemoRTU Demo
Demonstratation of how to use the 3M and DEUS rescue transfer unit, which provides the user with a compact and lightweight lifting and hauling solution.



Self RescueSelf Rescue
Demonstration of the basic procedure for self rescue after a fall using a pre-rigged 3M and DEUS 3700 Series Controlled Descent Device and Rescue system.



Single Person EscapeSingle Person Escape
How to perform a single person vertical escape using the 3M and DEUS 3000 Series control descent device.



Travel RestraintTravel Restraint
See how the 3m and DEUS 3000 series controlled descent device can be used for travel restraint, preventing user from getting near a place where a fall could occur