3M and DEUS Single Person Escape (Demo)


ANSI-, CSA-, and EN- rated for 590 ft (180 m) descents, the 3700 is designed for individual escape, assisted rescue and multi-person evacuation in a variety of at-height work environments.

How to perform a single person vertical escape using the 3M and DEUS 3000 Series control descent device. Basic procedure follows these steps:

  1. Locate a suitable anchor point that will support your working load
  2. Connect descent device to the harness
  3. Connect to the anchor
  4. Move to the point of egress
  5. Make sure there is not slack in the system
  6. Carefully manage the transition from unloaded to loaded rope so as not to impact load the rope or descent device
  7. Descend under manual or automatic control using the 3M and DEUS 3000 series control descent device to control you descent speed
  8. In an escape the objective is to get to the ground as safely and quickly as possible
  9. Once on the ground immediately disconnect yourself from the rope and move to a safe place


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