Escape from Danger the Easy and Safe Way

Firefighter Bailout Equipment Professionals who work at height are at risk every day. Things can go wrong, whether you are a firefighter, or work on bridges or platforms, on towers or anywhere higher than 10 feet off the ground.

For the unprepared, the act of getting down and away from danger poses its own risks. Even for workers utilizing fall protection, the risk of further injury (and the costs associated with it) are high when they fall. Thats where DEUS Rescue comes in. DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent devices were designed for individual personal escape and bailout. Getting down and out is simple, safe and fast.

Firefighter Bailout

Twenty-five years ago, firefighters did not wear SCBAs or bunker gear when responding to fires. Today, both are standard equipment because they save lives and allow firefighters to do more. When a fire gets out of control and running for stairs or ladders is not possible, bailout is the life-saving solution.

The DEUS 3100 is designed for firefighters, and is the ideal tool for safe, reliable, and completely hands-free bailout.

The DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit gives you the tools you need to carry your 3100 with DEUS 7.5 mm Fire Resistant Rope, then rig and deploy quickly and easily for a fast exit in a bailout emergency. DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kits include a choice of anchor hooks. For stow and carry, choose the optional DEUS Pequa Pouch pocket bag that holds your entire kit (device, rope and connectors) in your bunker gear pocket.

Carry your DEUS 3100 pre-rigged in the "go" position. When things go wrong, bailout is as simple as anchor, clip and go.


When things go wrong "up there," workers often have only seconds to act.

Nothing allows you to get out and down to the ground faster, safer or easier than a DEUS controlled descent device. Simply anchor, roll out and go. DEUS 3000 Series devices are designed with multiple redundant brakes and speed limiting technology to guard against free fall, and get you to the ground safely. Nothing is easier to learn and use, or safer and quicker to deploy.

DEUS offers two personal escape kits: the DEUS Tower Escape Kit featuring the DEUS 3300, and the DEUS Industrial Escape Kit featuring the ANSI-, -CSA and EN-certified DEUS 3700 controlled descent device. Both are compact and lightweight, completely rigged and ready to use.

High Anchor Escape

DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent devices can be anchored to a point above you and set to "go." Escape is simple, safe and entirely hands free, limiting your descent to a safe speed. With a high anchor, the free end of the rope rises as you descend, available for sequential descents without re-rigging.

Low Anchor Escape

Attach your DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent device to a low anchor and run the rope through a high-anchor pulley. Escape is simple, fast and hands-free, or easy to control with the free end of the rope.

Rapid Sequential Evacuation

Sometimes more than one person needs to escape danger, such as work teams, multiple firefighters or even civilians. DEUS controlled descent devices can make multiple evacuations quick, easy and safe.

DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent devices are the gold-standard for the quick escape of workers, one after another. DEUS escape or bailout kits all provide the tools to allow one or many to escape. Using one of these kits, three workers can get out and away from danger in less than ten seconds.

Want to learn more about how DEUS kits, featuring our controlled descent devices, can help protect your people during emergencies at height Contact DEUS Rescue for a consultation.