Keeping Recreation Fun and Safe

Zip-Line EquipmentChallenge Course and Zip Line operators must balance giving participants and clients great experiences while keeping them safe. Belay and controlled descent involve risk, tie up instructors' time and can lead to delays.

DEUS 7000 Series controlled descent devices provide the basis for innovative solutions to many issues facing Zip Line Tours and Challenge Courses.

The Better Belay Line for Challenge Courses

The DEUS Challenge Course & Zip-Line Kit, built around the DEUS 7500 controlled descent device, provides the ideal climbing belay.

Any vertical element that requires it can be belayed automatically by the DEUS 7500. This includes elements that involve climbing, traversing or jumping. The advantage of the DEUS 7500 for belay is that it operates hands-free and controls descent to a maximum of 2 meters per second - the equivalent of jumping from an eight-inch step. Descent is automatic, safe and comfortable.

While the DEUS 7500 can be used hands-free, descent can also be controlled manually simply by holding the free end of the rope. Participants can be trained to use it in only seconds, leaving the instructor free to coach rather than tending a belay line. Plus, giving other participants control promotes teamwork.

Exciting Challenge Course High Elements

Challenge courses are about teambuilding; they are also about personal achievement, excitement and fun. The DEUS 7500 pushes fun to a new level and the special elements made possible by the 7500 will quickly become the most popular on the course.

Popular elements can become a bottleneck. Not to worry, the DEUS 7500 is reversible without re-rigging so every element using the 7500 becomes a high throughput element.

The DEUS 7500 is ready for whatever new elements you can imagine. Here are just a few possibilities:

DEUS Parabolic Flight Element

Rig a tight cable between two trees or poles, and mount the DEUS 7500 to the cable using two DEUS trolleys. Participants connected to the rope in the 7500 can then descend from a high platform, trying to cover as much horizontal distance as possible.

DEUS BASE Jump Element

With the 7500 anchored overhead, a participant connected to the end of the rope running through the 7500 can have the thrill of BASE jumping without the risk. Just step off the platform and let the 7500 control descent, hands-free to a safe landing.

DEUS Team Vertical Challenge Element

With the team managing the belay and lead lines, a participant connected to the 7500 can be lowered, stopped or raised, and maneuvered fore, aft, left and right to accomplish aerial tasks. This makes high-element team activities possible, including Capture the Flags, Ring the Bells and Speed Play.

Descent from Zip Lines or Challenge Course Elements

Any place that needs a "down elevator" to get participants down safely, quickly and with a minimum of fuss can use the DEUS 7500. This includes:

  • Getting down from elevated towers on a zip-line tour
  • Allowing an exit for participants who elect not to continue
  • Exit from the end of a challenge course traverse, or the completion of a challenge course climbing element

Participants using the DEUS 7500 as a "down elevator" can descend hands-free and automatically, or they can control their descent simply by holding the free end of the rope.

The DEUS 7500 is easy for instructors to use as a down elevator. Once a participant is connected and slack is pulled out of the rope, there is nothing else the instructor has to do. Transition over the edge is managed by the participant (jump, slide or self-belay holding onto the free end of the rope), and descent speed is automatically controlled by the DEUS 7500.

To learn more about how DEUS can help your challenge course or zip line operation, contact us today.