Designed to Support Your Training Needs

Rescue Training EquipmentDEUS Rescue understands the importance of regular and consistent training for effective use of any emergency equipment, implementation of rescue techniques and work.

That is why all DEUS controlled descent devices are made to support your training needs, as well as your rescue and work.

Devices designed to support regular, effective training

Each DEUS controlled descent device is your "does it all" tool. That's because it is designed for repetitive use. Unlike other systems with locked in rope, the ropes in DEUS devices are easy to replace in seconds. That means you can keep ropes dedicated for training and for emergency or work. This helps keep training affordable too.

DEUS devices are also incredibly easy to use. That makes training easier, and ensures a high level of training retention.

It also helps that DEUS systems are fun to use, so users want to continually train.

The Perfect Training Belay

If you work at height, your training poses risk of injury and requires back-up belay.

DEUS Back-Up Belay Kits, built around the DEUS 7300 controlled descent device, are the ideal back-up belay for rescue or training at any height.

  • The DEUS 7300 is superior to vertical lifelines, which aren't designed for dynamic loading. If trainees make mistakes, the 7300 engages softly and automatically so they descend safely to the ground.
  • The DEUS 7300 is superior to manual belay systems that can lock-up and allow shock load, with human operators who can become distracted or react too slowly.

The DEUS 7300 is speed limited to guard against free fall, and it's built with our exclusive "Soft Engagement Technology" to reduce shock load. Plus, it's reversible without re-rigging so it's ideal for use during training, evacuation or rescue.

DEUS offers two Back-Up Belay Kits - one for training, or a more advanced kit for both training and rescue.

Getting Trained on DEUS Equipment

When you purchase DEUS kits with DEUS controlled descent devices, you also get the training you need to ensure the equipment is used safely and effectively. When you're working at height, this is critical.

DEUS Rescue offers a full and flexible training program. Our network of Certified Instructors can train your people, or provide your training staff with the skills and tools to do the training. And the entire training program is modular, so you can get the specific training you want. Learn the basics, or get extensive training on more advanced techniques.

Want to learn more about DEUS training programs, or how DEUS products can support your training needs? Contact DEUS Rescue today for more information.