Practical Tools for Work at Height

DEUS controlled descent devices are an incredible value because you can simply do so many things with them. In addition to providing the basis for superior escape and rescue, DEUS devices are also useful on the job, for positioning, travel restraint and other work. Add the appropriate ropes and other gear for effective rigging, and the proper DEUS harness, and you ave complete solutions for at-height work and rescue.

Hands-Free Work PositioningDEUS Hands-Free Work Positioning lo

When there's work to be done off the ground, your DEUS 3000 Series device is all you need. Simply descend to position, turn the control knob to "stop" and you can hold your position hands-free while you do your work.

Lifting and Hauling

The DEUS RTU Kits were designed to convert your DEUS 3000 Series controlled descent device into the perfect lifting and hauling system.

Each available DEUS RTU kit features a pre-rigged hoist system that allow you to rig the DEUS system for 2:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage, making it a snap to lift even heavy loads.

The DEUS Industrial Escape & Rescue Kit and the DEUS Tower Escape & Rescue Kit both include complete DEUS RTU Kits. That makes these kits complete solutions for escape, rescue and work on towers, bridges, ladders, high platforms or anywhere above ground where work is getting done.

Travel or Edge Restraint

Your DEUS controlled descent device can be easily rigged as a dual- or single-anchor travel restraint (sometimes called "edge restraint") system, to limit horizontal travel within a safe zone. The DEUS RTU Kit with the available travel restraint system, provides the additional accessories needed to make this easy and convenient.

This makes your DEUS system ideal for a variety of special uses where travel restraint is required, such as workers on moving equipment or vehicles, roof-top work or rescue, law enforcement personnel handling suicide prevention, and more.

You can also use the DEUS device with a dedicated short rope (approx. 15 ft) for travel restraint on a daily basis, without compromising the long escape and rescue rope.

Contact DEUS Rescue today to discuss how DEUS controlled descent devices and other accessories can help you and your team work at height safely and more effectively.