Industrial Safety...and Beyond


Overhead rescue industrial 3MMen and women who work on buildings, bridges, platforms, tower cranes and other vertical work environments understand the need for safety and personal protective gear. Simply put, their work puts them at risk every day.

DEUS Rescue supports the needs of workers in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments who work at height. Nothing else puts safe, reliable escape and rescue in worker's hands like DEUS, or aids them in their at-height work needs.

The Ultimate Solutions for Industrial Environments

DEUS offers complete Industrial Escape and Rescue kits for escape, rescue and work. Using these kits and with the proper training, workers have the tools they need for hands-free escape, self-rescue, assisted rescue, vertical positioning, travel restraint, confined space rescue, lift-and-lower rescue, lifting and hauling and rescue after a fall, and more.

There are two industrial kits available:

  • The basic Industrial Escape Kit includes a minimum of gear to provide a lightweight solution for quick, simple evacuation from height.
  • The more advanced Industrial Escape & Rescue Kit includes a more extensive array of gear, making it the complete escape, rescue and work solution for industrial and commercial environments.

Both kits feature the innovative DEUS 3700 controlled descent device. The 3700 is third-party tested and certified to the ANSI Z359.4-2007, EN341:2011 Type 1, Class B and CSA Z259.2.3 Type 1, Class B standards. The 3700 also helps employers meet the OSHA requirements for prompt rescue while reducing the risk of suspension trauma for the worker.

DEUS Industrial Kits can be used for a wide range of situations.

Descent with Industrial Fall Protection

People who work at height use fall-protection equipment. But what happens after you fall? Typically, a person who falls is painfully suspended and waits to be rescued. The risk is suspension trauma, which can lead to serious injury or even death in minutes.

DEUS Industrial Escape & Rescue Kits support self-rescue after a fall. Workers who can escape and descend to safety, quickly, avoid the risk of suspension trauma and avoid allocating resources to a rescue, plus downtime and more.

Evacuation from Vertical Workspace

Bucket-trucks, lifts, baskets and cranes break down. People who have to climb ladders to operate equipment get hurt and cannot climb down. Waiting for the fire department to come to the rescue is sometimes too long, and repurposing people and equipment to perform rescues is expensive.

The DEUS Industrial Escape Kit gets anyone down fast and hands-free without waiting for rescue. Training is simple and quick.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined space rescue presents special challenges and speed saves lives.

The DEUS Industrial Escape & Rescue Kit has the tools you need for lifting and hauling with 2:1, 4:1, 5:1 or 10:1 mechanical advantage. In difficult places, the included DEUS Freestanding Anchor is versatile and sets up anywhere.

Evacuation, Self-Rescue and Rescue

When working on building, bridges, scaffolding or other high workspaces, waiting for rescue is a risky option. Crews need a fast and safe way to evacuate, self-rescue or buddy-rescue when things go wrong up there.

The DEUS Industrial Escape & Rescue Kit is lightweight and easy to carry, pre-rigged and ready to use, enables hands-free descent, and contains everything to perform any type of rescue.

Work at Height

When there's work to be done off the ground, a DEUS 3700 is all you need. Simply descend to position, turn the control knob to "stop" and you can hold your position hands-free while you do your work.

Your DEUS 3700 can also be easily rigged as a dual- or single-anchor travel restraint (sometimes called "edge restraint") system, to limit horizontal travel within a safe zone. The DEUS RTU Kit with the available travel restraint system, sold separately or included as part of the DEUS Industrial Escape & Rescue Kit, provides the additional accessories needed to make this easy and convenient.

How can we help you protect your workers at height, and aid their rescue, escape and safety needs? Contact DEUS Rescue to discuss our industrial solutions.