The Perfect Tactical Descent Partner for Law Enforcement

Tactical Descent GearDEUS controlled descent devices are built to serve and protect. This makes DEUS a perfect partner for law enforcement professionals with the need for tactical descent gear.

  • The DEUS 3200 is designed for law enforcement applications. It provides the ultimate in reliable, simple and hands-free controlled descent for tactical operations and rescue.

  • Today, terrorism and other large-scale emergency response is the role of every law enforcement agency. DEUS 7000 Series devices are ideal for civilian mass rescue in a number of situations.

DEUS Rescue provides the tools your department needs for tactical descent, rescue and more.


Tactical Descent Gear for a Variety of Police Applications

DEUS controlled descent devices provide the basis for a wide range of police applications. The DEUS 3200 is specifically designed for law enforcement, providing an easier, safer, faster and more versatile option for tactical descent and rescue.

Tactical Rappelling Gear

Ropes offer tactical officers special capabilities, but also create risk. The problem with conventional rappelling equipment is that it does not operate hands-free which would allow an officers hands to be used for rappelling and weapons at the same time. The DEUS Tactical Response Kit makes rappelling a hands-free operation, so it is safer and supports more operational possibilities.

Evacuation Descent Gear

The DEUS Tactical Response Kit helps make managing small-scale evacuations easier. Descent using the DEUS 3200 is smooth and hands-free. The kit includes the DEUS Quik-Set Anchor, which sets up and adjusts with one hand. Civilians can be instructed to use it in only seconds, leaving the officer free to manage the situation and defend the position.

Back-Up Belay Gear For Tactical Training

The DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit for Training removes the human element from belay and reduces risk. It sets up quickly, operates hands-free, engages automatically, controls descent, limits speed, absorbs shock load and provides a soft landing.

DEUS will work with you and your team to ensure complete solutions for every tactical, rescue and training situation. Request a Quote for your department's tactical descent gear today.