Escape and Rescue for Utilities

Safety and Rescue Equipment for Utility Workers

Technicians in the telecommunications, electrical distribution, wind energy and other utility industries face some obvious safety challenges. That's because they spend a great deal of their time working high off the ground, on towers, platforms, bucket trucks and the like. When things go wrong on the job, the situation is urgent, space is at a premium, and getting down quickly but safely is the ultimate - and immediate - goal.

Previously, the choices were limited. Often, technicians were forced to wait to be rescued, risking further injury and requiring a reallocation of resources to their rescues. Available rescue equipment was heavy and difficult to use, and hardly "personal."

With DEUS Rescue, technicians in electrical power distribution, wind power or telecommunications now have complete and practical solutions for escape, self-rescue and assisted rescue at their fingertips. DEUS kits are lightweight and compact enough to carry with them, simple to use, and absolutely reliable.

Giving Technicians the Tools to Escape Trouble

Utility tower workers spend a great deal of time working at height. Fall protection and other personal protective equipment are standard tools of the trade. When working high above ground on electrical lines or high on wind towers in remote areas, waiting for rescue is not an attractive option and invites deadly suspension trauma.

When things go wrong up there, nothing protects a worker better than getting down, quickly and safely. Thats where the DEUS Tower Escape Kit becomes a potential lifesaver.

The DEUS Tower Escape Kit is built around the DEUS 3300 controlled descent device, designed for tower applications up to 330 ft (100 m). The kits are lightweight and easy to carry or haul, pre-rigged and ready to use, and enable hands-free descent. The DEUS Tower Escape kit contains a minimum of gear so its the most compact and lightweight option, supporting simple, quick and safe escape from tower emergencies.

Rescue Yourself or Others From Trouble

Fall protection only stops the fall, leaving the worker suspended in mid-air, at risking of further injury. Too often, workers on utility towers, poles, platforms and other high work environments are often forced to wait to be rescued. DEUS Rescue gives utility workers the tools to rescue themselves (and others), so they can get down fast, escaping further injury, and get back to work faster.

The DEUS Tower Escape & Rescue Kit, built with the DEUS 3300, contains everything to perform any type of rescue. The DEUS 3300 provides the foundation for an entire range of escape, rescue and positioning maneuvers, ideal for vertical rescue, hands-free escape, 2-person rescue, vertical positioning, travel restraint, confined space rescue, lift-and-lower rescue, lifting and hauling, rescue after a fall, and more.

Solutions Certified to Industrial Standards

For those who require rescue tools certified to industrial safety standards around the world, DEUS fills the need. DEUS Industrial kits - there's a basic kit for escape and a more extesnive kit for escape and rescue - are built around the DEUS 3700 controlled descent device

The 3700 is third-party tested and certified to U.S., Canadian and European fall protection standards, including ANSI Z359.4-2007, EN341:2011 Type 1, Class B and CSA Z259.2.3 Type 1, Class B. The 3700 also helps employers meet the OSHA requirement for prompt rescue while reducing the risk of suspension trauma for the worker. It's designed for descents up to 500 ft (150 m) at a maxiumum descent rate of 2 meters/second.

Contact DEUS Rescue today to discuss how DEUS kits, featuing our innovative controlled descent devices and other accessories, can help you and your team work at height safetly and more effectively.